Easy Methods For Free Traffic

Getting Free Traffic is a bit of an art form, you will get better at it over time as you develop different strategies and techniques as to how you obtain it, I will do my best here to give you as much information as I can to give you some ideas of where you can start.

Social Media – Sites like Facebook are a great place to share your word (or link) with others but the difference between success and failure here is based on your etiquette, who you are friends with, and your professionalism when sharing your link and writing your ads.

Always build relationship’s first, promote afterwards. Nobody is going to listen to you and your grand new scheme when you just sent them a friend request and you didn’t even say hello.

Be careful who you associate with, Negative people will have a Negative influence on you, contact only positive successful people, people who are already involved in Network Marketing in one way or another.

Join Facebook Groups and post your link in them along with a short description of your Web site and what you do, don’t promise people the earth, be realistic, people appreciate a bit of honesty and the successful people can see the BS a mile away.

Ask people one on one to leave comments on your site, this is a particular favorite of mine as its really easy to do and most people say yes, the benefit being, your Web site is gaining credibility from all of the Social Buzz and also the comment they just made on your site will appear on their Facebook wall and be visible to all of their friends (you must use the Facebook Comments Iframe on your Web site for this to work), if that person is a highly respected person and all of their friends are successful, which they likely will be, then you just got your link out to tons of successful people by just asking people to comment. A win win situation all round, this method alone can produce large volumes of Targeted Traffic and lots of sales but it needs to be done consistently everyday, as much as possible to get the ball rolling, once the ball starts rolling it gets easier to maintain.

Blogging – Blogging is a great way to raise awareness and to also raise Traffic numbers, however it is more a long term thing that you build up but its better that you start now than never, The work you do now Blogging will yield results for a long time even if you stop. But don’t write 3 Blogs and think your a pro.

Consistency is key, what you Blog about doesn’t really matter as long as you make sure you write it well and make it interesting, don’t just Blog about your Business, Blog about your favorite meal, a time you went on holiday or even provide training to help others if you have a particular skill, that free information that you learned is very valuable to somebody else who doesn’t yet know it and they will respect you for sharing it with them.

Also, Write blog’s that are unique to your personality don’t just write it because you want to finish another Blog, write it with passion with the intention of making the Blog as unique as possible and put the effort into actually providing some value for your reader, give them something valuable and useful to read and they will be hooked on your future Blogs  Write poor Blogs and your response might not be as good.

If your just starting out writing your Blogs then measuring any impact it is having is going to be difficult and at first it wont be doing much of anything, you must get it in your mind to put focusing on the results aside for now and just focus on making good Blogs and uploading them everyday in the knowledge that, even though you can’t see it, something IS happening. Eventually there will be no doubt of the difference it has made to your Business as you will have built many Backlinks to your Website and will have attracted many new Leads, your Blogs will have made such an online presence for you that people are reading you all over the place.

Always finish your Blogs with your name, your link to your Online Business and its always good to leave a quote too.

IBO Toolbox – I normally wouldn’t list a single brand or web site as a method for free traffic, however IBO Toolbox is very powerful for your Business and for getting access to lots of devoted professionals who can give you advice, strategies or even can sometimes become clients in your venture, That obviously depends on how good your venture is.

At IBO there is a sort of message board / wall on the main site, the Website is very popular with thousands of members and at any one time is being viewed by a lot of people, you can post messages on that board in front of all of those people, every message you post will receive Traffic regardless of what you say just because of the sheer amount of people there.

Also you get points just for participating in the community, with these points you can get a form of advertising with IBO that is like doing paid advertising, they use their system to display your ad in a professional way to targeted viewers and its very similar to Facebook paid advertising except its free, all you have to do is be an active participant in the community which if your following this advice you will be anyway.

If you want to check out IBO then you can sign up from this link –

That is my affiliate link for IBO and I will receive advertising points for referring you

Using Your Web site As A Signature – This goes for Forums, Emails, Letters, anything that you give out or send that has personally come from you, you should add a short personal note along with your link onto the bottom of everything, you can set up your email to do this for you automatically, however you must be careful in forums as some do not allow link posting of any kind and you may be banned from the forum, you may think this is no big deal but its better to avoid it in the first place by reading the terms and conditions of the forum to avoid wasting your time.

I don’t want to overload you with information so I’ll end it with those four methods, all easy simple things that you can start doing today to get Free Traffic to your Website

“Be Happy!”

Jade Holden
Holden Limited


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