About Me

Hello and welcome to my WordPress Blog, my name is Jade Holden, I’m 22 Years Old and I live in Manchester in the United Kingdom.

During my free time I am an Affiliate Marketer, I also build Websites for people so that they too can become Affiliate’s. I also spend a lot of my time training people and providing support to them. I teach people my own simple strategies that I have learned during the last 3 years to succeed. In my opinion it’s all about having a good Website and lots of Traffic and I focus mainly on ways to obtain Traffic from sources like Facebook and Twitter and also other Marketing Platforms like IBO Toolbox.

I have helped many people since I created my Website – Holden Limited, I have built a large Network online and have never had a a single complaint because I provide pure value and I spend as much time as needed with you to get you to a fully competent level. This is natural to me anyway as we will probably develop a solid friendship during the process.

It hasn’t always been a road of success for me, I had been trying for 3 years previous to Holden Limited to make money online and I failed at it miserably.


Over time you pick things up and learn how to do things in a more efficient way and I am still learning new techniques for driving targeted traffic to your website. Once you have a little success the rest seems to come easily, what you need to have is faith in your business, this usually comes from making your first Affiliate Commission. It’s a great feeling that will give you the passion to work at your business and in turn generate a solid Income.

From what I have seen, it takes a certain type of person to make it work, you need to be driven, open minded and the number one thing in my opinion is consistency. If you work a day here and a day there then your Web Based Business isn’t going to do very well. You should treat what you do seriously and consider yourself a Professional and work the hours of a Professional if you want big Success.

Some people read that and think “ugh lots of work” I read that and I think, “an opportunity to make money from the comfort of my own home, nobody breathing down my neck, literally all i need is an Internet connection and a Computer, I don’t have to get up at 5am in the morning to go to work to break my back all week for a pittance….” you get the picture.

Marketing Online has now changed so many people’s life, including mine. Anybody who is willing to learn and is open minded enough can do it, general life may tell you otherwise, your friends or family may even mock you. This is common, don’t let it knock you back, don’t be a sheep, be an individual who thinks for themselves. Once you commit and start making money from your efforts online those same people will be asking you how you did it.

Why not sell your product to them?

I would.

Thanks for reading.

Jade Holden


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